Self Help

Our support services include this self-help toolbox. It includes a catalogue of videos and articles specially designed to guide you in overcoming problems including gambling and PTSD.

Here, people share their personal recovery stories and experiences from our short-burst residential programs. And we've filmed interviews with some of our clinicians. Plus, we provide free access to the 'Tools to Support Change' series from our Lead Clinician - Dr Jamie Barsky. And more.

If you think more personal support might be needed, you can also arrange time with a psychologist by registering with us

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Gambling addiction help: Tools to support change

Looking for gambling addiction help? This video series is specifically designed to support you to make changes needed to help your recovery.

Gambling Addiction Lived Experiences

Everyone's gambling addiction experience is unique, but listening to other people's stories can give you the confidence to change your life


Videos from experts in the field of wellbeing including subjects like yoga, meditation and breathwork

Stories to inspire - Andy Reid MBE

Andy Reid MBE is a survivor, not a victim. Let him change your mindset with his powerful and inspirational presentation about self belief

Gambling addiction treatment: Geraldine explains more

Getting gambling addiction treatment may seem like a scary step. So here, Geraldine - one of our team of psychotherapists - explains more.

Gambling addiction therapy: Dr Jamie Barsky blogs and vlogs

Gambling addiction therapy may seem like something others do to help them recover. Considering it for yourself and want to know more?

Clinician Articles

Articles written by our specialist Psychologists

Leon House Residential Testimonials

Testimonials from the people who have taken part on our short burst residential weekend course


Gambling addiction support: online therapy

Would you like to explore further support? Our free-to-access online service includes appointment(s) with our team of professionally qualified gambling addiction recovery therapists.

Our clinicians have extensive experience with addiction support and help people to manage difficult behaviours and emotions. You can register for this free online therapy with one of our professionally qualified clinicians by clicking here.

What's more, we've built this service to be completely flexible; you can book a day and time to suit you. And if you prefer, you can choose whether to book a male or female clinician.

Are you unsure about what online therapy involves? Our Lead Clinician, Dr Jamie Barsky, has written a guide so you know what to expect. You can access it, along with his other guides, including 6 ways therapy can help you.