Self Help

Take a look around our self help area. Here you will find a catalogue of videos and articles especially designed to guide you through a self-help program for overcoming gambling problems. We have videos of people telling their stories of recovery, and testimonials from people who have completed our short burst residential programs.

If you think more personal support might be needed, you can also arrange time with a psychologist by registering with us

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Tools to support change

Dr Jamie Barsky (Clinical Psychologist) offers expert advice and guidance to help you understand your addiction and provides tools and techniques to support you with your goals

Lived Experiences

Watch videos from people who have lived with an addiction

Residential Testimonials

Testimonials from the people who have taken part on our short burst residential weekend course

Stories to inspire - Andy Reid MBE

Andy Reid MBE is a survivor, not a victim. Let him change your mindset with his powerful and inspirational presentation about self belief

Meet Geraldine - AnonyMind Psychotherapist

Geraldine Osowska is an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working with children and adults


This series of features, written by our Lead Clinician, Dr Jamie Barsky, aims to support you on your recovery journey