AnonyMind specialises in the identification, assessment, treatment and on going support of gambling addicts and partners with leading sector specialist in the delivery of expert Mental Health assessments and treatment, providing;

  • A full impartial, clinical assessment
  • Intervention and world leading treatment specialists, transforming the compulsive Gamblers perspectives on life
  • Access to trained therapists 24/7
  • Complete anonymity in the delivery of online therapy
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Mental Health problems cost the UK economy over £40 billion per annum due to workplace absenteeism. Presenteeism (being unproductive while at work) and poor performance accounts for 1.5 times as much loss again. The cost to public services alone from problem Gamblers was £1.2B last year.

Core Services

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Enhancing Operator Player Protection

Supporting and treating individuals impacted by Gambling related harms

Sports and Professional help

Sports and Professionals

Driving peak performance and resilience

Corporate help


Workplace performance, Wellbeing, Care & Assessment services