Gambling Operators

We understand the pressures on Operators to reduce a Clients exposure to Gambling related harms, we offer a fully managed service to support the delivery against your RET responsibilities.

Gambling hand

Issues with current treatment pathways

Without a comprehensive Psychiatric assessment you cannot be sure that you are treating the root cause of the addiction. You will merely manage symptoms at best, leading to potential future relapse


Maximising value of your contributions

All contributions are solely used for the purpose of reducing gambling harms for your Clients

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RET Registered

We are on the RET register for annual contributions to support research, prevention and treatment (LCCP social responsibility code provision 3.1.1)


But that's not all!

We offer a comprehensive set of advisory services and backend processes to support the operator in the delivery of their social responsibility

Our intervention and treatment of vulnerable, high risk addicts, will ultimately change peoples behaviour, support your brand and most importantly, save lives.

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