Gambling Operator Services

We understand the pressures on Operators to reduce a Clients exposure to Gambling related harms, we offer a fully managed service to deliver appropriate treatment for those individuals, aligned with your obligated RET contributions.

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Issues with current treatment pathways

Without a comprehensive clinical assessment you cannot be sure that you are treating the root cause of the addiction. You will merely manage symptoms at best, leading to potential future relapse


Self Exclusion

Who is looking out for your excluded Client tomorrow, what support did they really take up?, Where were they signposted? By working with us you can ensure that anyone who wants help will be assessed appropriately and recommended an appropriate treatment pathway.

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RET Registered

We are on the RET register for annual contributions to support research, prevention and treatment (LCCP social responsibility code provision 3.1.1)


Sustainable Gambling

Our self-help pathway can be leveraged to motivate Clients being impacted by gambling related harms, to implement measures and strategies to prevent them from becoming a problematic gambler (8+ on the PGSI)

Our intervention and treatment of vulnerable, high risk addicts, will ultimately change peoples behaviour, align with your brand values and most importantly, save lives.