Sports And Professionals

Our aim is to ensure that all athletes and professionals have the opportunity to receive the maximum protection and treatment when they need it most.

Gambling hand

Gambling addiction

This is obviously a big issue for sports professionals especially. If you think that you have a problem with gambling we can help before it gets too out of hand.


I think I should be doing better

Everyone wants to be at their very best all the time, delivering peak performances. We help individuals and elite teams to implement necessary performance processes to achieve excellence and success.

Head jigsaw

Why do I feel like this?

Stressful situations do strange things on the body. We offer one to one workshops designed to improve understanding and markers of Mental Health problems, the impact they can have on all areas of performance, how to recognise these problems and how to implement appropriate coping mechanisms.


I am mentally tough, but I just manage this pressure?

Pressure gets to us all, however, you are in a different league to most when it comes to pressure and performance expectations. Our resilience skills workshop uses the latest in cognitive behavioural science to help elite sportsmen and women to perform effectively under pressure.

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