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Free Veterans Mental Health Treatment Service

Thanks for finding your way to AnonyMind. A free online service that helps Veterans overcome mental health problems and move on with their lives. We offer free access to self-help support and also to a team of experienced psychologists and therapists.

Friend or family member?

If you have been affected by a veteran close to you and would like to talk to a therapist about it then we can help you for free too.

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Resilience and Shared Experiences

Take a look at our online videos where you will find a catalogue of videos provided by Veterans and Clinicians who understand what you may be going through as they have walked similar paths, or have supported other people with similar experiences to you.

Access Self Help
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Here whenever you need us

It takes a lot for people to reach out for help. So, we make it simpler to get the help you need. Veterans who use our service can be confident that we will offer support quickly and confidentiality. We will listen to you carefully before agreeing a personal recovery plan which will help you to start and sustain your recovery journey.

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Made flexible to fit around you

People lead busy lives with lots of demands on their time. People who use our service can go online anytime-anywhere. It's quick and easy to plug into our library of self-help support, where you can view motivational advice and guidance, and inspirational stories from Veterans. You can easily make appointments with our online therapists at times that fit in with your personal, work or family commitments.

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Video call therapy session

Online video calls

We're online because that way people can get the help when they need it - at their own pace and in their own time. We’re online but we are ‘Not-Bots’. Our Face-to-Face therapy sessions are with real people. Caring and professional therapists who will listen to your story, understand your experiences and support you to achieve your hopes for a better future. So right now, you are just one click away from getting the help you might need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a number of questions on your mind regarding the services we offer and how you interact online so we have provided the following FAQs. If we haven't answered your question please call 0333 939 8321

Our service is approved by the Care Quality Commission
Online with a therapist, it's reviewed by our expert panel and they put some options to you to think about and decide
No problem. Our therapists are skilled in lots of different ways of working and will find a therapy that's right for you
A team of experienced and caring professional psychologists and counsellors who also practice within the NHS
We are a Care Quality Commission Registered Care Centre
Treatment sessions last 50 minutes, the number of sessions required will be determined by your Therapist, following your initial assessment.
Unlimited online access means you can visit as many times as you want and anytime you need to
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